Though there be no squids to slay, my spear will taste blood today

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i’ve noticed a pretty interesting pattern about my tastes.

if it’s a visual medium, like animanga, tv shows, comics or whatever, i’ll usually prefer having a male protagonist. but if it’s a written medium (in other words, books), i almost always would rather have a female protagonist. i’ll only really warm up to a male protagonist if a) it’s slash, b) he shares a significant amount of pov space with a female character too.

i wonder why that is…hmm.

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i happily unfollowed every single writing blog i was still following for some reason.

i’m tired of tumblr writing “advice” blogs.  i hate how prescriptivist they are.  i hate that they basically exist to be excuses for procrastinating.

and i pretty much hate 100% of what they have to say on worldbuilding in particular but that’s neither here nor there.