Though there be no squids to slay, my spear will taste blood today

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y da fuq can’t i fuqen go to bed…i’m screwing up everything i kno….i hate everything

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"Hades-san, you're getting sepera--"
"Stay back. Do you want to be miserable?"
"Huh? Um, I.."
"I accepted Apollon's invitation to this sunny
seaside school, but I am staying away farther
than usual, so as not to ruin it with my misery."

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watching the latest episode of game of thrones makes me hope that shireen is the one sitting on the iron throne in the end.

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I just love how they’ve decided to play his angst for laughs instead of making him all ~dark and brooding~  I mean he’s still brooding, he’s just funny and dorky about it.  He would have probably been my least favorite if they’d expected the audience to take his angst seriously.

Presentation sure is powerful!

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